News Agency TASS (USSR), RTTY 50 Bd.  19.8.1991: Declaration of A. Lukyanow, chairman of the Supreme Sovjet of the USSR concerning the menace of the desintegration of the USSR.  
News Agency TANJUG (JUG), RTTY 50 Bd.  11.2.1994: War in Bosnia, propaganda against Muslims Radio Hayat. 
News Agency ROMPRESS (Romania), RTTY 50 Bd.  27.2.1993: War in former Jugoslavia, the Danube blocked by sunken vessels. 
News Agency VNA (North Vietnam), RTTY 50 Bd.  1.8.1995: Relations to Albania. 
News Agency SANA (Syria), RTTY 50 Bd., ATU-80 characterset.   7.3.1993: No translation. (xbnb = SANA, otn/ = Tunis, #3#7 = 7.3.) 
News Agency PAP (Poland), SITOR-B.  25.2.1993: About activities of "Solidarnosc". 
German Governments PIAB (Presse - und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung), FEC-A 96 Bd.   1.8.1995: Transmission Schedule. 
Newsagency DPA (Deutsche Presse Agentur), SITOR-B.   27.2.1993: Nachrichten für Seeleute (News for Mariners). 
News Agency XINHUA (China), RTTY 75 Bd.   27.2.1993: King Hussein of Jordania approves law. 
News Agency KCNA (North Korea), RTTY 50 Bd.   4.4.1994: President Kim Il Sung, the "Great Leader", is "enthusiastically welcomed"... 
News Agency JANA (Lybia), RTTY 50 Bd.  7.3.1993: Civil war in Somalia. 
News Agency IRNA (Iran), RTTY 50 Bd.  21.2.1994: Annual Mathematics Conference and Software Exhibition. 
News Agency INA (Irak) RTTY 50 Bd.  6.3.1993: President Saddam Hussein receives telegram of thanks from Tchad's president. 
News Agency PANA (Senegal) RTTY 50 Bd.  23.2.1994: Petrol export statistics. 
News Agency MTI (Hungary) RTTY 50 Bd.  6.3.1993: Hungarian home policy. 
News Agency AGERPRESS (Romania), RTTY 50 Bd.  22.12.1989: National state of emergency in Romania, president Ceauescu and his wife arrested, call for blood donations. 
News Agency DPA (Germany), FAX  21.11.1990: President George Bush in Saudi Arabia. 
News Agency KYODO (Japan), FAX.  22.2.1994: Who tells me about contents ?  

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