1. Introduction

Bora Class Guided Missiles Corvette "Samun"

Intercepting the Naval Air Transport Units starts with a surprise, as one wouldn't expect to be listening to Ground-Air Morse communications. The most rewarding frequency is 8816 kHz, other important frequencies are on 5808, 7988 or 7696 kHz. All are simplex CW Morse simplex networks. Russian speaking listeners best will try ATC Moscow on 11354 kHz in USB.

CIS Naval Air Transports use many "X---" Four-Letter-Location-Indicators, which are not ICAO listed. In many cases the leading "U" has been replaced by "X".
Here are some airports often mentioned in Morse traffic:

Location Indicator  Airfield  Country 
EETT  Tallinn  EST 
UKFA  Kacha, Crimea  UKR 
UKFG  Gvardevskoe  UKR 
XIAD (source UDXF members)  Domna (near Chita)  RUS 
XKFX  Chkalovsky  RUS 
XLAA  Arkhangelsk  RUS 
XLLP  Pushkin  RUS 
XLLS  Smychkovo  RUS 
XLLV   Levashovo   RUS 
XLMD  Severomorsk-1  RUS 
XLMF  Kipelovo/Fedetovo  RUS 
XLMM  Murmansk  RUS 
XLMN  Severomorsk-2  RUS 
XLMO  Olenegorsk  RUS 
XLMV  Severomorsk-3  RUS 
XLOS  Ostrow/Verete  RUS 
XLPB  Petrozavodsk  RUS 
XLWF  Kipelovo  RUS 
XMKK  Svetlogorsk (Chrabrovo, acc. to UDXF source)  RUS 
XMWB  Chkalovsk  RUS 
XNKL  Yemelyanovo  RUS 
XNNT (source UDXF members)  Novosibirsk  RUS 
XRKA  Andreevskaya  RUS 
XRRI  Milerovo  RUS 
XSCG  Chelyabinsk  RUS 
XUBS  Smolensk N  RUS 
XUMN  Klin  RUS 
XUMO  Ostafyevo  RUS 
XUOI  Buturlinovka  RUS 
XUOW  Voronezh  RUS 

2. ATC Centers

Five Air Traffic Control Centers are responsible for all operations of Naval Air Transport. RCH84 sometimes is audible in Europe with reasonable signal strength, maybe it is relayed somewhere.

Callsign  Callsign Voice Traffic   ATC Air Traffic Control  Possible region or location  
RJF94  PRIBOJ  Air Transports Central Sector   Moscow 
RJC38  NOVATOR  Air Transports Northern Sector   Murmansk Region. Airfields of Olenogorsk, Severomorsk or Kipelovo-Fedotovo.  
RCB  KRAKET  Air Transports Western Sector  Kaliningrad Region. Airfields may be Chkalovsk, Chernyakhovsk, Donskoe and Khrabrovo.  
RCH84  MONOLOG  Air Transports Eastern Sector  Vladivostok Region. Airfield of Knevichi.  
RJC48  NORKA  Air Transports Southern Sector  Sevastopol Region. Airfield of Kacha.  

3. Sample Messages

This is a typical example of traffic between aircraft and ATCs.

The 5-figure aircraft call sign corresponds to the Aircraft Registration Number which can be found in internet publications.

Frequency kHz and time UTC  Traffic  Comments 
8816 1535  RJF94 RCB de 26855 QSA? QTC k  Aircraft with Reg. Nr. 26855 calls RFJ94 and RCB with a message.  
8816  26855 de RJF94 QSA2 QRV k 26855 de RCB QSA3 QRV k  Both addressees are ready to copy message. 
8816  26855 QTO QTR 1525 QRD XLLS XMKK QRE UMWS 1625 QAH 5700 k   26855 is airborne, the time being 1525z. I am bound for XLLS from XMKK. Estimated time of arrival in UMWS is 1625z. Flight level is 5700 m k 
8816  RJF94 QTO QTR 1525 QRD XLLS XMKK QRE UMWS 1625 QAH 5700 k RCB QTO QTR 1525 QRD XLLS XMKK QRE UMWS 1625 QAH 5700 k  RJF94 and RCB acknowledge message 
8816 1624  26855 QQL UMWS 1622 QRE ULOL 1720 QAH 5700 QBD 0330 k  26855 has passed UMWS at 1622z. Estimated time of arrival at ULOL is 1720. Flight level is 5700 m. Fuel endurance is 3h 30 min. 
8816 1715  26855 QQL ULOL 1710 QAL XLLS 1805 QAH 5400 QBD 0300 k  26855 has passed ULOL at 1710. I estimate to land in XLLS at 1805. Flight level is 5400 m. Fuel endurance is 3 h. 
8816 1800  26855 QQM XLLS 1806 k  26855 will land in XLLS at 1806z. 
8816 2005   26855 QTO 1950 QRD XMKK XLLS QRE ULOL 2100 QAH 5400 k  26855 is airborne since 1950z on his way back to XMKK. 

4. AC Position Reports

Sometimes the aircafts report their position:
QTH 59112140 which means: 59N11 21E40
QTH 56441954 which means: 56N44 19E54
(both samples from a log of MPJ at UDXF group)

5. Air Transport Units

Fleet  Naval Air Transport Unit:   HQ in: 
Baltic Fleet  398th Indep. Air Transport Sq.  Khrabrovo 
Northern Fleet  403rd Separate Mixed Aviation Rgt.  Severomorsk-1 
Black Sea Fleet.  917th Indep. Composite Air Rgt.  Kacha 
Pacific Fleet  71st Indep. Mil. Transport Sq.  Nikolayevka, Primorskaya. 

6. Aircrafts

Two aircrafts, widely used in Naval Air Transport are the An-24 COKE (left) and the Be-12 (right).

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