Log Periodic Shortwave Transmission Antenna

I still can remember how I became a SWL (Short Wave Listener): I was a boy, glued to that big Home Radio in its wooden case and with a Magical Eye tuning indicator, spinning the knobs for hours - instead of doing my home works.

Today my receivers have digital displays, are microprocessor controlled and may be programmed for unattended recording - but my wife insists I'm still that boy, who forgets about the outside world in a cacophony of weird sounds and noises.

Every modern Shortwave Travel radio will pick up virtually Thousands of stations in between the Broadcast Bands. What's their purpose and who are the operators? Can we decode those transmissions or even decipher the messages? That's the point, the fascination of Shortwaves.

I try to show just a few examples of what the inclined listener may expect from his efforts. The Web offers many specialized sites dealing with all kind of Shortwave activities, like meteo services, military communications, secret service networks, coastal radio stations, radio amateurs and many, many more.

Before joining me for an excursion into the world of Fascinating Shortwaves, I strongly recommend you consult this short chapter: About this Website .